Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some sites for crochet patterns

Q. Hello Esther.. m frm Canada.. n m really interested in Crochetin .. bt never ever did it ... since im new to it.. could u please forward sm videos to help in learnin crochet..!! im really lookin forward fr blankets as of now.. Please be my angel n teach me how to make blankets ... please send me an Easter gift of good video of makin crochet blankets..!! Thnks in advance and Happy Easter...!! God bless

A. Hello! I will do my best to get you started crocheting! First of all, you CAN do this fun hobby! I've been doing this since I was 13 years old, and am 51 now....and still crocheting! It's fun, and you can always crochet gifts for your loved ones! I don't know if you've seen my 3 YouTubes about learning to crochet. If you haven't, here they are:

Learn to crochet 1

Learn to crochet 2

Learn to crochet 3

There are SO many sites that have crochet patterns! Here are some of them I use:

Purple Kitty - this page has a lot of free afghan patterns!

FaveCrafts - I just Googled and found this one! I'll have to get back to this site, definitely!

Annie's Attic (They list patterns for you to buy, but if you sign up for their daily e-mail, they send you a new one each day to look at. And if you check their site each day, there is a tab for a free pattern every day. There are different hobby patterns sometimes, but a lot of times it is crochet patterns.)

e-patterns Central (patterns to buy)

I'd be interested to know how you're doing!
Sincerely, Esther

Where to use chains

Q. Hi my name is Iesha and i am trying really hard to crochet. I have watched all your videos but i keep getting stuck on where i need to make another chain...... can you help me?

A. Sure, I will try to answer your question! At first, the main place you'll need to use chains is to start your project out, then you'll also need to use chains at the end of each row.

At the end of the row:
a. if you'll be crocheting in single crochets, you'll use 2 chains first.

b. If you'll be crocheting in double crochets, you'll use 3 chains first.

Does that make any sense? Let me know.