Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crochet Necklace Repair

Q. Hi,
I've never crocheted before and came across your videos. i now have an understanding of how it all works. I want to crochet part of a necklace I'm making/repairing. the only crocheted part is the loop/closure. Since I'm new to this (I've only watch a few videos, that's all I know), I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I'm not sure what kind of needles to buy or where to even start. Since the part I'm crocheting is small and uses silk thread I'm not sure what kind of stitch to crochet or where to even begin. Also, the necklace has it's closures intertwined into the silk thread and again, I have no idea how to start or begin to do that. Would it be possible to tell me what kind of stitch I need to use? Any info you can provide will be much appreciated. I'll include the picture as well.

Thanks for providing such a wonderful website. I hope to hear from you soon. Maritsa

A. Hi Maritsa,
So glad to hear you're learning crochet! I apologize for not getting back to you sooner!

It's been SO long since I've crocheted anything with a smaller hook! However, just looking at the charts, I would choose:
* bone, wood, or plastic - size 2 or 3 (C or D)
* steel hook - size 6 or 7

It looks like the necklace closure is made of single crochet stitches. I would chain about 20 stitches, then turn your piece around and single crochet in each chain-stitch. In the last stitch, insert your hook into the opposite end, and chain a stitch through it. You now have a crocheted circle. Pull your loop, that is still on your hook, into a larger loop. Cut a 2-inch tail off the end of your yarn, and send this tail-end through the remaining larger loop. Now your circle is free from your yarn.

It sounds like your necklace is still intact. If the ends of the necklace are still tied-off, and aren't coming apart, I would leave that part alone. I would then use a threaded craft needle (use the same thread as you used to make the above circle), and make a small stitch through the yarn at the end of the necklace. Put the needle around your crocheted-circle, then tie off and snip thread/yarn. You would also attach your circle in the same way onto one of the links in the end of the necklace.

Use the same procedure for the other end of the necklace.

Let me know if this doesn't answer your questions! And if you understand it!
Good luck! Esther

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update on Shawl Pattern Question

A. Update, 8-14-08: I did sit down and crocheted these instructions. There is one thing that I want you to know, it's NOT your lack of expertise that is giving you problems! I also had trouble deciding what the author was trying to say!

I have decided that when the pattern says "spaces" in the first 2 instructions, it just means the hole that is formed after you do the half-double-stitches.

When the pattern says this in Row 3:

Row 3: Chain 4, hdc in first chain - 2 space, chain 2; hdc in next chain, - 2 space, chain 2; hdc in second space of beginning chain-4, 3 spaces made, turn.

This is what I believe the author is saying:
Row 3: chain 4; hdc in first chain-2-space; chain 2; hdc in next chain-2-space; chain 2; hdc in second space of beginning chain-4; 3 spaces made; turn.

Then Row 4, when it says:
Row 4: Chain 4, (hdc, chain 2) in each chain -2 space across, hdc in 2nd chain of beginning, chain-4 - 4 spaces made, turn. Repeat Row 4 60 times.

I believe Row 4 means this:
Row 4: Chain 4, (hdc, chain 2) in each chain-2-space across; hdc in 2nd chain of the beginning chain-4; 4 spaces (holes on this row) made; turn. Repeat the fourth row 60 times.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Shawl Pattern question

Q. HI! Love your videos! I am having the dardest time (and that is by far the mildest word I've used to describe it so far:) starting what looks like a very simple shawl pattern. I'm new to crochet -- though I can do Tunisian crochet, and I can knit. I'm having problems with my pattern that goes like this:

Row 1: chain 4, half-double crochet in first chain to form ring - I space made, turn

Row 2: Chain 4 (counts as half-double crochet, chain 2), half-double crochet in ring, chain2, half double crochet in ring, 2 spaces made; turn.

Row 3: Chain 4, hdc in first chain - 2 space, chain 2; hdc in next chain, - 2 space, chain 2; hdc in second space of beginning chain-4, 3 spaces made, turn.

Row 4: Chain 4, (hdc, chain 2) in each chain -2 space across, hdc in 2nd chain of beginning, chain-4 - 4 spaces made, turn. Repeat Row 4 60 times.

I can’t get past Row 2!!! I think part of the problem is that I am making this thing with Lion Suede, which is very chenille-like.
I don't really grasp the concept of the "spaces" that the pattern mentions, or where exactly my needle should be going. If you perchance make another video, do you think you could do the first 3 rows of this -- if I can see someone do it, I might get it :) Thank you!

A. I want to try this myself - I'm such a "hands-on learner" person! I'll get back to you soon!

White Keepsake Hanky Bonnet

Q. Aunt Esther! Thank you so much for your videos! I am determined to learn how to crochet as I really want to make one of those lovely christening caps that turn into a bridal hankie, for my baby daughter's christening next month. I will be watching your videos until I get the techniques down. Do you have a recommendation where to get a pattern for something like this? Do I just need to make a simple square?

Thanks again, these videos and blog are a wonderful idea to share your skills!

A. "White Keepsake Hanky Bonnet"
I have not ever heard of this hanky-bonnet, so went looking on the internet. I have located a site that explains how to fold the hanky, so that it becomes a baby-bonnet. This is the site address:
Bonnet Folding Directions

After checking several leads, I've found a site with free crochet instructions for the edging. The site is e-patternsCentral, and you need to be a member before you are allowed to access their free patterns. I believe it is free to join. Here is the location of the instructions:
Free Crochet Patterns (2 different patterns)

I'm sure there are also other sites that would also have free crochet patterns for the White Keepsake Hanky Bonnet. Hope this helps you out!
Sincerely, Esther