Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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Anonymous said...

how come my ends keep coming out slanted?!?

Anonymous said...

do you use the slipknot you started with to crochet once you've reached that end again?

Anonymous said...

First off, thanks for your wonderful, instructive videos! My question is: when you reach the end of a row, and you want the next row to be a different color, do you tie off and then start with another slip knot with the new yarn? Or, what's the process? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for teaching me how to crochet! I am making a baby blanket in double crochet but how do I add a border all around in a different color? What stitch do you suggest I use? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

thank you for your elp-i think you are great! how do i make a border on a blanket? where do i start and how do i start the yarn- the first stitch? I am making a blanket in dc- should i use dc for the border thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

hi your 1st video got me to understand single stitch better then my poor mother ever could..my question is can u explain in really simple terms a few things about it.. i got the very 1st part the going down 3 chain stichs and putting the needle through that then yarning over and pulling through till i have only a individual thread left of the needle but after that some time you had 2 threads and yarned over whati dont get is how u go from the very 1st part of single stitch with one tread left after yarning over and pull through how and when do you gou get the 2 treads before yarning over???????

i'm sorry i know this was long and rambling i hope you understand what im asking thanks

Mrz Pinka-Dinkela said...

s there an easy pattern for a blanket? i am a beginner and want to attempt one....how do u know what thread and size hook to use?

Shanda said...

Hi I wanted to say thank you for the videos they are a big help and I am working on a baby blanket for my niece that is due in August I just have a couple of questions if you dont mind...First, I can not get the stitches consistent all the way across they are either too tight or way to loose. How can I fix this? then second, when I go to do the yarn over that is ok but when I actually pull it through it frays the yarn and I end up only pulling half of what I am supposed to...Please help???

Rebekah said...

Great videos, thank you. I'm also watching from the UK (Wales). Could you please run through pattern abbreviations for us. I can understand the stitches you're showing us visually but then when I read the baby beanie pattern I don't know what any of the shorthand means. And there's a mixture of you talking about 'G' sized hooks but pictures with numbered sizes. I'm a complete n00b so don't know what the equivalents are. Thanks again :)

Cheryl (a.k.a Sherri, and vice-versa) said...

HI! Love your videos! I am having the dardest time (and that is by far the mildest word I've used to describe it so far:) starting what looks like a very simple shawl pattern. I'm new to crochet -- though I can do Tunisian crochet, and I can knit. I'm having problems with my pattern that goes like this:

Row 1: chain 4, half-double crochet in first chain to form ring - I space made, turn

Row 2: Chain 4 (counts as half-double crochet, chain 2), half-double crochet in ring, chain2, half double crochet in ring, 2 spaces made; turn.

Row 3: Chain 4, hdc in first chain - 2 space, chain 2; hdc in next chain, - 2 space, chain 2; hdc in second space of beginning chain-4, 3 spaces made, turn.

Row 4: Chain 4, (hdc, chain 2) in each chain -2 space across, hdc in 2nd chain of beginning, chain-4 - 4 spaces made, turn. Repeat Row 4 60 times.

I can’t get past Row 2!!! I think part of the problem is that I am making this thing with Lion Suede, which is very chenille-like.
I don't really grasp the concept of the "spaces" that the pattern mentions, or where exactly my needle should be going. If you perchance make another video, do you think you could do the first 3 rows of this -- if I can see someone do it, I might get it :) Thank you!

WordyGirl said...

Aunt Esther! Thank you so much for your videos! I am determined to learn how to crochet as I really want to make one of those lovely christening caps that turn into a bridal hankie, for my baby daughter's christening next month. I will be watching your videos until I get the techniques down. Do you have a recommendation where to get a pattern for something like this? Do I just need to make a simple square?

Thanks again, these videos and blog are a wonderful idea to share your skills!

Anonymous said...

I saw your video on youtube. Thanks. Very helpful for beginners. What type of dog is in the upper left corner of video?

Anonymous said...

Dear Aunt Esther,

Hello from Canada eh! I've never ever crocheted in my life however I'm willing to learn because of a pattern I came across of a unicorn/horse that I would like to make time and time again.

Link: http://web.archive.org/web/20070104045405/http://www.allfreecrafts.com/crochet/horse.shtml

In your opinion, where should I start and what should I be learning to understand the basics of crocheting and not just the doing but the written instructions as well? Thank-you for your time and all of your great videos!

A Canuck Wanting to Crochet

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Aunt Ester,

I recently lost my precious Mimi Mae. She crocheted many things for me over the years. My cousin inherited her estate and he was kind enough to bless me with all of her needles, hooks, etc. I wish I had taken the time for her to teach me how to use them, but I am blessed that you were kind enough to share your time and knowledge. I am now learning the basics and feel that I will be able to figure this thing out, with your help! I have a two yr old daughter and hope to pass this hobby onto her as well. Thank you and may God bless you.
Christie Jo OK

Anonymous said...

are all of these questions just unanswered because I can't find the answers to them and I have the same question about switching threads? what if you run out of yarn and need to start a new one or change colors please help!

The Math Ninja said...

I recently learned that I was crocheting wrong, so I searched YouTube and found your videos. They are awesome. Thanks a ba-gillion for making them.

I do have a question, when I knit a doll that was supposed to be about 7", he was about 12" tall. I know I used the recommended hook size and had the same number of rows/stitches. Why is my little dolly so big? Should I be crocheting tighter?

~holly said...

Hi, I'm a knitter who is needing to crochet a border onto a blanket. (I've never crocheted before.) The pattern says to single crochet 5 times around. I think I can do once around, do I keep doing the same thing for the other four times? Thanks so much.

ecotorium said...

My Gram taught me many a year ago to crochet. I want to have her show me more - her and her family would make wonderful afghans , etc, and I don't want that to end. I just wanted to say thank you for the blog and the YouTube videos - so helpful. I'm sure I'll have a question at some point when I start back up, but for now, just saying thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello Esther.. m frm Canada.. n m really interested in Crochetin .. bt never ever did it ... since im new to it.. could u please forward sm videos to help in learnin crochet..!! im really lookin forward fr blankets as of now..my email id is dhara.ralhan@gmail.com..!! Please be my angel n teach me how to make blankets ... please send me an Easter gift of good video of makin crochet blankets..!! Thnks in advance and Happy Easter...!! God bless

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Iesha and i am trying really hard to crochet. I have watched all your videos but i keep getting stuck on where i need to make another chain... can you help me?

Maritza said...

Dearest Aunt Esther,

First of all.. Thank you soooooooooooo much for taking out the time to teach the woman of the world how to crotchet!

I learned from you & since then crotcheting has been so much fun for me! :)

My question to you is do you have any resorches on how to do a simple baby boot, after vedio 1-3..

I must say some people have tetorials but dont do it step by step like you do.. :P)

Thank you for your kind heart in teaching the younger woman like Titus 2 says.

Hugs from South Africa


Anonymous said...

I am also new to crochet, but I would love to start making blankets and start a collection that can later be passed down. After many hours of searching I found a pattern that I like very much, and that claims to be for us "newbies", but I cannot figure out what the pattern is telling me to do. I watched your videos and I learned the most from then that I ever have! I was wondering if you could help me understand this pattern. It says:

Row 1: In the 5th chain from hook, work 1 sc, ch 2, and 2 dc, *skip 2 ch, work 1 sc, ch 2, and 2 dc all in the next ch. Repeat from * across to last 3 ch (29 clusters), skip 2 ch, work 1 dc in the last ch.

Row 2: Chain 3, turn. Work 1 sc, ch2, and 2 dc clustered all in the first ch-2 loop. Repeat in all loops across to last loop. Work 1 dc in ch-3 space at the end of row.

Repeat Row 2 until piece measures approximately 36". Do not break off yarn. Continue around the corner and the remaining 3 sides of the blanket, working 1 sc-ch 2-2 dc clusters in each space. Slip st at the end.

I cannot figure out crochet lingo, so I am not entirely sure what I am supposed to do. I would greatly appreciate the help!

Kjata1013 said...

I just wanted to say that you rule! I have searched the internet for instructions on how to crochet and yours was the most clear and easiest to follow. after viewing your video, i was immediately able to do a single crochet row. Thank you so much!!! (^_^)V

Anonymous said...

Dearest Aunt Esther:

Thank you so very much for helping teach me how to crochet. I have been trying to learn for years, and you helped me finally get past the basics.
Now, I would like to crochet a blanket with a pattern I found in a book. I did the chain row of 198, then a double crochet row of 196 like it said. Now I am stuck. Here are the instructions, do you think you could help me out? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Row 2 (Right side): Ch 2 (counts as first hdc, now and throughout), turn; * + work FPdc around each of next 2 dc, (dc in next 2 dc, work FPdc around each of next 2 dc) 3 times, work BPdc around each of next 2 dc, work FPdc around next dc, work BPdc around each of next 2 dc, skip next 3 dc, work FPtr around each of next 3 dc, working in front of 3 FPtr just made, work FPtr around each of 3 skipped dc, work BPdc around each of next 2 dc, work FPdc around next dc, work BPdc around each of next 2 dc; repeat from * across to last 15 dc, then repeat from + to + once, hdc in last dc.

If this is just row 2, I am not sure if I can do the whole blanket. Is this a difficult pattern, or am I just having a hard time?

Thanks so much, again, and again!

Anonymous said...

Hello Aunt Esther, I am basically a beginner. I learned a little from my grandmother before we moved away from her when I was 11 and some of it has come back since I started up again (at the age of 38,hehehe) but I am so lost on some things and wanted to thank you for your great instructions. I have not viewed all of your commments but am hoping you can tell me two things. 1. Why do my ends keep coming out slanted on my single crochette blanket? and 2. I really want to do a nice granny square blanket for my daughter and cannot get it right no matter how hard I try. Is there any way you can demonstrate the first few rounds of this type of blanket? Thank you so so so much. Dawn If you need more info on me or from me please ask :) Again, thank you so much. You make me think of my grandma who is now passed away and of all the times we shared.

Sonja said...

Dear Aunt Esther.

I am also fairly new to crochet but I have seen a nice pillow cover I would like to do. It didn't seem to be too difficult - until the numbers didn't add up anymore! Can you help?

Round 1 - 3ch, 11tr in ring, pull end to tighten ring, ss in 3rd chain. 12 sts.

Now my translation for that would be to make a ring, then do three chains and then to the 11 trebles into the ring with a slip stitch into the third chain when I come round. I end up with 12 stitches. So far so good.

Round 2 (and every alternative round) - 1chain and 1 double crochet around the stem of each stitch, ending with a slip stitch in the first double crochet. Still all good.

BUT then...
Round 3 - chain 3, 1tr in same place as ss [2tr in each dc] to end, ss in 3rd chain. 24 sts.

So I'll go all the way round doing my 2tr into each stitch? - ie the edge of my crochet at this stage or is doing 1 tr into each dc different to my stitches all the way on the outside?

Either way - I'll end up with more than 24 stitches so I'm obviously going wrong somewhere but I just don't know where...

The pattern then increases to 48 stitches and I seem to end up with 72 stitches. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thank you for your time and keep up the good work!

Best wishes

Hannelore said...

Thank you so much for teaching me how to crochet Aunt Esther! I've wanted to learn for a long time, and your videos taught me much much better than the books and websites I had already tried. The reason I am trying to learn to crochet is so that I can make scarves as gifts for my family and friends this Christmas. Do you have any helpful tips for a beginner for the best method to make a scarf? What pattern or type of yarn is easy to work with? What should I look out for or pay attention to as I try to make a scarf?

Anonymous said...

I want to make a baby sweater for my granddaughter she is turning 1 in Aug. I know how to start the chain but the arms and the color around the neck I'm not sure how to do that. can you make a video on making a baby sweater? Please

Anonymous said...

Hello Aunt Esther, I have just started to crochet and found your videos on You Tube.
The video's are very descriptive and helpful, I'm sure they will get me hooked on crochet.

Sorry to see there are no new question and the comments end in 2009.
I hope things are going fine for you, God Bless You and keep you.

Simply said...

Hello. :)

I was wanting to make a crochet blanket for my bf for christmas. I've never really done it before and was wondering if a blanket was a good thing to start off with. :)

Justine said...

Hey there!

I'm hoping you're still answering questions on crochet because I just started crocheting again! I just saw your wonderful tutorial on YouTube and (as everyone else mentioned) it was the best crochet tutorial there :)

Anyway, I have been practicing my basic starter chain stitch and I noticed that some of the chains came out a bit twisted as opposed to your nicely flat, and uniform stitch. (This may have been because I followed another tutorial before I finished it off with yours, hehe) BUT nonetheless, I wanted to know how to fix a twisting chain stitch and how does one prevent it from twisting? Greatly appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

So I just wanted to ask.. If i were trying to crochet a hat, how would you gradually make the width smaller, and finally after how would i connect the two ends... or is making a hat a different process?

Sally said...

By far your how to videos are the best! I am looking for a video on crocheting flowers and wondering if you had one out there that I just can't find?

Anonymous said...

hey!. hi, I like Aunt Esther's teaching way and it's great job done by both of u , I highly appreciate it and also thanks for teaching us. I just wanna ask that : What is the name of the thread being used and its types??
Thank you once again.

naz2881 said...

Hi Aunt Esther,

This may sound ambitious but I have fallen in love with a crochet wrap I saw on another blog. I have never done crochet before but I have three young girls and I wanted to make them a blanket in the same design for them each so they could keep it for a long time and cherish it.

Is it possible to create a blanket in the same design? could you show me how to start it off and what hook i might need?

Here are the links to the pictures.





joann said...

I want to make a baby sock type of corsage for my little sister's 1st child. but I can't find any patterns or books on this do you have any idea's on this. Thanks