Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pattern using term "tr"

Q. Dear Aunt Esther.
I am also fairly new to crochet but I have seen a nice pillow cover I would like to do. It didn't seem to be too difficult - until the numbers didn't add up anymore! Can you help?

Round 1 - 3ch, 11tr in ring, pull end to tighten ring, ss in 3rd chain. 12 sts.

Now my translation for that would be to make a ring, then do three chains and then to the 11 trebles into the ring with a slip stitch into the third chain when I come round. I end up with 12 stitches. So far so good.

Round 2 (and every alternative round) - 1chain and 1 double crochet around the stem of each stitch, ending with a slip stitch in the first double crochet. Still all good.

BUT then...Round 3 - chain 3, 1tr in same place as ss [2tr in each dc] to end, ss in 3rd chain. 24 sts.

So I'll go all the way round doing my 2tr into each stitch? - ie the edge of my crochet at this stage or is doing 1 tr into each dc different to my stitches all the way on the outside?

Either way - I'll end up with more than 24 stitches so I'm obviously going wrong somewhere but I just don't know where...

The pattern then increases to 48 stitches and I seem to end up with 72 stitches. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thank you for your time and keep up the good work! Best wishes Sonja

A. Hi Sonja, sorry it's taken me a few days to answer your question, but I wanted to take the time to read it carefully.

The way I'm reading the instructions, it sounds like you understand the first 2 rows, which ends up making a circle. On the 3rd row, it just sounds like you are making 2 tr in each one of the previous rows of double crochets. I would read that row like this:

Round 3 - chain 3, 1tr in same place as ss, [2tr in each dc] to end, ss in 3rd chain. 24 sts.

So the steps would be like this:
1. chain 3
2. 1tr in same place as ss
3. 2tr in each dc to the end
4. ss in 3rd chain

Since you are making 2 stitches latch onto every 1 stitch from the previous row, this should take you to 24 sts.Does this help any? Let me know! Esther
Q. Thank you so much for teaching me how to crochet Aunt Esther! I've wanted to learn for a long time, and your videos taught me much much better than the books and websites I had already tried. The reason I am trying to learn to crochet is so that I can make scarves as gifts for my family and friends this Christmas. Do you have any helpful tips for a beginner for the best method to make a scarf? What pattern or type of yarn is easy to work with? What should I look out for or pay attention to as I try to make a scarf?

A. Hi Hannelore! Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you. I think if I were making scarves that I would choose to make them double crocheted. (First row - chain stitches as wide as you want your scarves to be, second row - single crochets, third (and every other row as long as you want your scarf to be) - double crochets.

I would avoid cotton and baby yarns and I would also avoid loosely twisted yarns. The cotton yarn wouldn't be warm, and the baby yarn small to work with and would take forever to complete each scarf. The loosely-twisted yarn catches in your hook and takes time to untangle it. Each untangle wouldn't take that long, but if it happens every few stitches, it gets frustrating quickly.

Oh yes, and also count your stitches at the end of each row for the first few rows, just to make sure you aren't adding or subtracting stitches on each row.

Hope this helps! Esther

Friday, October 9, 2009

Edges coming out slanted

Q. Hello Aunt Esther, I am basically a beginner. I learned a little from my grandmother before we moved away from her when I was 11 and some of it has come back since I started up again (at the age of 38,hehehe) but I am so lost on some things and wanted to thank you for your great instructions. I have not viewed all of your commments but am hoping you can tell me two things.
1. Why do my ends keep coming out slanted on my single crochette blanket? and
2. I really want to do a nice granny square blanket for my daughter and cannot get it right no matter how hard I try.

Is there any way you can demonstrate the first few rounds of this type of blanket? Thank you so so so much. Dawn If you need more info on me or from me please ask :) Again, thank you so much. You make me think of my grandma who is now passed away and of all the times we shared.

A. Hi Dawn - good to meet you! Yes, I think I know why your edges are coming out slanted. It's usually because we "I've done this before, and that's why I think this is the answer!), are not making the final stitch at the end of each row. You shoud be putting a stitch in the last space where you made a chain (or 2 or 3), from the previous row. I'll try to include an example in my next video.

You've helped me decide which stitch to demonstrate next, too! I think I'll do a Granny square - they're really quite simple! Let me know how it goes! Esther