Saturday, December 25, 2010

Making a Hat

Q. So I just wanted to ask.. If i were trying to crochet a hat, how would you gradually make the width smaller, and finally after how would i connect the two ends... or is making a hat a different process?

A. Hi! Well, it really depends on how your pattern instructs you. In general, though, if your hat is starting at the top of the hat, you would end up adding stitches (2 stitches crocheted in one, for instance) as you go along. I can't say how many, but your pattern would tell you.

If your pattern starts you out at the lower edge of the hat (which I don't think most hats would), then you would end up slowly decreasing stitches (skipping a stitch occasionally).

There are a lot of online sites that offer free patterns. Find one that is the style you like, and just copy or download it!

I'd love to hear how your hat is coming along!

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