Thursday, April 17, 2008

What size of hook to use

Q. Dear Aunt Esther, THANKS! Your instructions are great -- slow and repetitive makes it work for me! My mother is a knitter, and I could just never get the hang of knitting. This looks a lot more like my kind of short hook, instead of two big needles. I have a long train trip coming up, and now I am motivated to give crocheting a go. I have Sugar and Cream yarn, and I would like to make dishcloths -- what size crochet hook do you suggest? Thanks again!

A. I know you can do this! I would use a crochet hook size C, D or E - these are larger sizes. If you're wanting a smaller stitch, you would use hooks F, G or H... You never know, my niece and I might do a learn-how-to-knit video one of these days! It's not too hard, either! Good luck!
The higher the number of the thread, the thinner it is.

A popular thread size for crocheters who are just beginning to crochet with thread, is thread size 10, used with a U.S. size 7 or 8 steel crochet hook.

U.S. Steel Hook Size
Matched To Approximate Thread Size

U.S. Steel Hook Thread Size
14 80 - 100
13 40 - 80
12 30 - 60
11 30 - 40
10 20 - 30
9 20
7, 8 10

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