Friday, October 9, 2009

Edges coming out slanted

Q. Hello Aunt Esther, I am basically a beginner. I learned a little from my grandmother before we moved away from her when I was 11 and some of it has come back since I started up again (at the age of 38,hehehe) but I am so lost on some things and wanted to thank you for your great instructions. I have not viewed all of your commments but am hoping you can tell me two things.
1. Why do my ends keep coming out slanted on my single crochette blanket? and
2. I really want to do a nice granny square blanket for my daughter and cannot get it right no matter how hard I try.

Is there any way you can demonstrate the first few rounds of this type of blanket? Thank you so so so much. Dawn If you need more info on me or from me please ask :) Again, thank you so much. You make me think of my grandma who is now passed away and of all the times we shared.

A. Hi Dawn - good to meet you! Yes, I think I know why your edges are coming out slanted. It's usually because we "I've done this before, and that's why I think this is the answer!), are not making the final stitch at the end of each row. You shoud be putting a stitch in the last space where you made a chain (or 2 or 3), from the previous row. I'll try to include an example in my next video.

You've helped me decide which stitch to demonstrate next, too! I think I'll do a Granny square - they're really quite simple! Let me know how it goes! Esther

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Esmeralda said...

I am also doing a single stitch blanket but it has a wavey pattern, I have not idea how to do that. Any one have any ideas?