Saturday, May 3, 2008

Single Stitch details

Q. hi your 1st video got me to understand single stitch better then my poor mother ever question is can u explain in really simple terms a few things about it.. i got the very 1st part the going down 3 chain stichs and putting the needle through that then yarning over and pulling through till i have only a individual thread left of the needle but after that some time you had 2 threads and yarned over whati dont get is how u go from the very 1st part of single stitch with one tread left after yarning over and pull through how and when do you gou get the 2 treads before yarning over???????

i'm sorry i know this was long and rambling i hope you understand what im asking thanks

A. Hi,
It sounds like you almost have this stitch! Yes, after you do your chain stitch row, turn around and count 3 chains from your hook, and begin your single crochet, this is how you do it.
1. Insert your hook through the chain stitch.
2. Yarn over, and bring your hook back through the stitch you're working on. (you'll have 2 stitches on your hook)
3. Yarn over, and pull this yarn-over-stitch all the way through both of the stitches on the hook. There you go! You've just completed your single crochet!

Let me know how it goes! Esther

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