Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Changing colors, baby beanie cap request

Many thanks to aunt esther... My mom, my sister and myself have learned how to crochet from watching her videos. And with a new baby on the way we are going blanket crazy. Cant wait to see the video on how to change colors (we have just been tieing off) Also can you make a video on how to make a baby beanie (baby cap)? - checkin back everyday, cant wait to learn something new. Thanks again

A. Thanks for your kind words! I'm so excited that all of you have learned how to crochet! It's such a fun passtime, and you're creating something special for someone!

I'm afraid that I do the same thing as you are doing to change colors! I also just tie-off the first color, and then tie-in the new color around the same place. Then weave the "tail" into its own color.

Hmmm, a baby beanie cap.... I'll have to look around and see what I can find.


askauntesther said...

Changing Color in Crochet
1. When the second color continues in the same direction and completes a row, work your st as usual, pick up second color before working off last 2 lps of st, Ieave first color hanging in back of work until picked up again.
2. If second color is to be used only for a design or a short distance, pick up second color as before, lay first color along top of previous row and work over it until it is time to pick it up again.
3.-If first color is to be dropped completely, pick up second color as before, work over first color for 3 or 4 sts, cut it and continue with second color.

askauntesther said...

I found these instruction while looking online for something else.