Sunday, June 1, 2008

easy pattern for a blanket

Q. is there an easy pattern for a blanket? i am a beginner and want to attempt do u know what thread and size hook to use?

A. There are super easy ways to make a blanket! Since you're a beginner, go with a larger yarn size, and also a larger hook size, somewhere between D - G size (whatever size feels the easiest in your hand.) You'll need to decide what size to make your blanket. Use a tape measure or a ruler/yardstick to lay on a flat surface to help you determine the size.

You'll always start your blanket out with chain stitches. Make them a little loose, so the next row is easy to work in them. This chain-stitch row will be the Width of your blanket (remember your previous measurements.) On the next row, make the entire row single crochets. On the next row, and all of the rest of the rows, double crochet. Continue double-crochet rows until you have made the length of your blanket.

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