Friday, August 1, 2008

White Keepsake Hanky Bonnet

Q. Aunt Esther! Thank you so much for your videos! I am determined to learn how to crochet as I really want to make one of those lovely christening caps that turn into a bridal hankie, for my baby daughter's christening next month. I will be watching your videos until I get the techniques down. Do you have a recommendation where to get a pattern for something like this? Do I just need to make a simple square?

Thanks again, these videos and blog are a wonderful idea to share your skills!

A. "White Keepsake Hanky Bonnet"
I have not ever heard of this hanky-bonnet, so went looking on the internet. I have located a site that explains how to fold the hanky, so that it becomes a baby-bonnet. This is the site address:
Bonnet Folding Directions

After checking several leads, I've found a site with free crochet instructions for the edging. The site is e-patternsCentral, and you need to be a member before you are allowed to access their free patterns. I believe it is free to join. Here is the location of the instructions:
Free Crochet Patterns (2 different patterns)

I'm sure there are also other sites that would also have free crochet patterns for the White Keepsake Hanky Bonnet. Hope this helps you out!
Sincerely, Esther


Anonymous said...

My aunt used to entertain us little girls by folding her hanky to make it into a baby wrapped in a blanket. Very small of course. I have a granddaughter now and would love to have the directions to create this little gem. My aunt is gone now. Any knowlege of these little hanky babies in blankets?

Anonymous said...

Could they be Church Babies? Here's the link to the directions I used ...

Anonymous said...

My Mom made these twin hankie babies in church for me too when I was litle..thanks for bringing back a memory for Mom has alzheimers now.... :(
Ejay D S