Friday, August 1, 2008

Shawl Pattern question

Q. HI! Love your videos! I am having the dardest time (and that is by far the mildest word I've used to describe it so far:) starting what looks like a very simple shawl pattern. I'm new to crochet -- though I can do Tunisian crochet, and I can knit. I'm having problems with my pattern that goes like this:

Row 1: chain 4, half-double crochet in first chain to form ring - I space made, turn

Row 2: Chain 4 (counts as half-double crochet, chain 2), half-double crochet in ring, chain2, half double crochet in ring, 2 spaces made; turn.

Row 3: Chain 4, hdc in first chain - 2 space, chain 2; hdc in next chain, - 2 space, chain 2; hdc in second space of beginning chain-4, 3 spaces made, turn.

Row 4: Chain 4, (hdc, chain 2) in each chain -2 space across, hdc in 2nd chain of beginning, chain-4 - 4 spaces made, turn. Repeat Row 4 60 times.

I can’t get past Row 2!!! I think part of the problem is that I am making this thing with Lion Suede, which is very chenille-like.
I don't really grasp the concept of the "spaces" that the pattern mentions, or where exactly my needle should be going. If you perchance make another video, do you think you could do the first 3 rows of this -- if I can see someone do it, I might get it :) Thank you!

A. I want to try this myself - I'm such a "hands-on learner" person! I'll get back to you soon!

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